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HJH REAL Token is a revolutionary tracking token designed to track and derive its value
from the profitability of HJH Investments’ real estate portfolio.

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Introducing the HJH REAL Token

HJH Investments launched the HJH REAL Token on Sushi Swap and UniSwap in March 2022. 

Find the HJH REAL Token by searching Sushi Swap or UniSwap for "HJHRE" or enter the token contract address
shown below.  A step-by-step purchasing guide is available in the Resources section below.

Token Contract Address: 0xd2320df6602B5D0BAEA496d2697291a2264150A4

About the HJH REAL Token

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy HJH REAL Token?

HJH REAL Token can be purchased on Sushi Swap or UniSwap. A step-by-step guide is available here


How do I find HJH REAL Token on Sushi Swap or UniSwap?

For your first purchase, you will need to search by the address: 0xd2320df6602B5D0BAEA496d2697291a2264150A4.  At the bottom of the "Swap" menu, click on the "Manage Token Lists" link. From there, click "Tokens" in the top right corner and copy and paste the address shown above. Then, HJHRE (HJHREAL) should appear. Click the "import" button and the token will be saved to your custom token list (this is stored locally in your browser). For future purchases, you should be able to type in HJHRE in the main "Swap" menu. 

When buying HJH REAL Token, am I investing in real estate assets owned by HJH Investments?

No, investing in HJH REAL Token is not an investment in the real estate assets owned by HJH Investments. However, the HJH REAL Token does derive its value from the profitability of the HJH Investments real estate portfolio.


HJH Investments will update both the Real Estate and Asset Price and the Proof of Volume Price each quarter.  All quarterly updates and financial records can be reviewed at the following link